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October 3, 2023  
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Privacy Policy

Pipeline Assessment

Pipeliner Training & Assessment Program

NCCER, in cooperation with American Petroleum Institute (API), has developed the Pipeliner Training and Assessment Program (PTAP). The PTAP consists of Pipeliner Curriculum and Pipeline Skills Assessments to qualify pipeline personnel under the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) new regulation for Pipeline Operator Qualification. The Pipeline Assessments are tied directly to NCCER’s standardized Pipeline Curriculum and will determine qualification on selected covered tasks as identified by API and the industry.

What issues do the Pipeline Skills Assessments address?
  • Meet the demands of DOT and pipeline operators regarding pipeline workforce qualifications
  • Identify the knowledge, skill, and overall qualification level of the current pipeline workforce
  • Eliminate duplication of efforts and the burdens it places on pipeline technicians
  • Increase technician credentialing opportunities and workforce professionalism
  • Increase pipeline workforce involvement in training
  • Assist pipeline contractors in maximizing their training dollars
  • Enhance career opportunities and progression for individuals within the pipeline industry
  • Expand workforce development resources to the pipeline workforce
  • Improve the image of the pipeline industry

What are Covered Tasks?

To provide guidance to the pipeline industry, the American Petroleum Institute’s Subcommittee on Training in cooperation with the Consortium on Operator Qualification developed API’s Operator Qualification Covered Task list. The covered task list represents the consensus position of the pipeline companies involved and is designed as an aid in developing a qualification program.


What Pipeline Assessments are Available?
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Pipeline Technician
  • Mechanical Pipeline Technician
  • Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 1- Measurement
  • Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 1 - Installation
  • Corrosion Prevention Field Technician II
  • Corrosion Prevention Field Technician III
  • Field and Control Center Operations Technician
  • Pipeline Maintenance Technician
  • Gas Maintenance Technician
  • Gas Pipeline Operations
  • NDT: Radiographic Testing of Pipeline Welds (API-1104 Eighteenth Edition)
  • Abnormal Operating Conditions-General Pipeline
  • Abnormal Operating Conditions-Control Center
  • Abnormal Operating Conditions-Gas

Are Pipeline Assessments currently available?

Yes, Pipeline Assessments are available now. For scheduling information contact Griselda Vargas at (409) 724-7886 or click here for more information from the NCCER’s website.


What areas are covered by the Pipeline Curriculum?
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Pipeline Technician
  • Mechanical Pipeline Technician
  • Pipeline Maintenance Technician
  • Field and Control Center Operations Technician
  • Corrosion Prevention Field Technician

Modules in the Pipeline curricula, to the extent possible, will align with API-developed covered tasks. Not all modules will relate to covered tasks; however, all covered tasks will relate to at least one module. Note that related covered tasks that require a small amount of instructional material may be incorporated into one module, whereas a covered task that requires a large amount of instructional material may be split into more than one module.


How is Pipeline Curriculum developed?

Just like all NCCER crafts, the Pipeline Curriculum is developed through the expertise of Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the industry. These SMEs are required to have a minimum of pipeline technician-level or journey-level experience. The use of SMEs ensures that the curriculum is current, industry-driven and indicative of industry practices.


When will the Pipeline Curriculum be available?

Initial release of the Pipeline Curriculum will begin in first quarter 2002. All curricula will be available by first quarter 2003.


How do I get more information on Pipeline Assessments and Pipeline Curriculum?
Contact Griselda Vargas at (409) 724-7886 or click here for more information from the NCCER’s website.

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