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October 3, 2023  
2014 ABC Extravaganza Video
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Privacy Policy


Education Committee

Please contact ABC at (409)-724-7886 for more information on the education committee.

Membership Committee

For more information about becoming a member of the Southeast Texas Chapter, please contact ABC's President, Kimberley Bernard at 409-724-7886(ext. 101)

Membership Application

Legal/Legislative Committee & Political Action Committee (PAC)

  • ABC has full time lobbyists in Austin and Washington
  • ABC is the only Association in Southeast Texas who represents the industrial merit shop, pro-business owners and their employees
  • Your PAC dollars help keep politicians sympathetic to our ideals in office
  • Local civic leaders and politicians act on ABC concerns due to our PAC involvement

For more information contact the Legal/Legislative Chairman, Kal Kincaid at 409-866-1444.


"Get into Politics or get out of Business!"


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